1992 From the ashes of obscure bands like Panopticon and Acromegal, LUGUBRUM emerges, after its vision had appeared before Barditus during a delirium. Zwelg leaves the band after two songs are created and activities are derived to drinking in the woods.
1993 Barditus teams up with Midgaard. The Lugubrum temple is built and severe worship follows, resulting in the ‘Black Prophecies’ demo.
1994 Release of the 94 promo. This early material shows influences of Dark Throne, Burzum, Bathory,…
1995 Release of the atmospheric first full-length album ‘Winterstones’, on the clandestine label Skramasax
1997 Release of ‘Gedachte & Geheugen’ , the first part consisting of fast and raw ‘war metal’, the second of dark synthesizer music.
1998 Zwelg, who had been playing in FINSTERNIS with Svein, rejoins Lugubrum on bass. ‘De Zuivering’, recorded and mixed in one single night of alcohol and chaos and released as a split with Sudarium (B) on Skramasax and Lowlife records, carries by now typical Lugubrum riffing combined with thrash elements and introduces the term ‘Boersk Blek Metle’, which soon catches on as definition of their own perverted style.On October 17th Lugubrum play their first and infamously drunk live concert during the Lugburz fest at St-Niklaas. For this occasion Svein also joins on drums. A second (sober) live show is given on December 26th at the Frontline in Ghent.
1999 The legendary ‘De Totem’ album is released on Berzerker Records (NL).
2000 A third performance , august 18th at the Feel Estate art festival in the Backstage, Ghent : the band is locked up in a damp cellar for 8 hours with their instruments and fridge full of beer, the spectacle can be followed on screen elsewhere. 
2001 Barditus , having a rough time controling his alcohol abuse and disliking new Lugubrum material, quits the band after squealing on not more than 2 of 16 tracks on the next masterpiece ‘Bruyne Troon’, released on Skramasax. Midgaars takes over the vocals. 
2002 Barditus recovers and returns to Lugubrum, carrying a crate of beer and even a bunch of guitar riffs, resulting in ‘Al Ghemist’, a dark and sober opus, released on LP by Painiac records (B) and on cd by Full Moon Productions (US) as a split with FINSTERNIS.
2003 BloodFireDeath / Redstream (US) re-release ‘De Totem’. Lugubrum welcomes another member; h. (ex Urn of Might, Thorax Serpenti) on 2nd guitar and the head office / temple / studio is moved from Lovendegem to Ghent, from a rural environment to an industrial one.
2004 BloodFireDeath / Redstream (US) release ‘De Vette Cuecken’, an unusual concept-work with a cullinary theme, LP on Iron Pegasus Records (Ger), introducing a new bass player, Kundalingus, who replaces the once again departed Zwelg, and featuring Bhodidharma on saxophone. 
2004 May 1st a memorable 4th live performance is given at the Pestilence fest in Breendonk
2005 ‘Heilige Dwazen’, the first album to feature not only two guitarists, but also two bassists (introducing Master Stain) is released by BFD. In support of the album, Lugubrum make their first visit abroad to play London’s Underworld on march 7th, supported amongst others by Skaldic Curse. On june 28th Lugubrum performs at Amsterdam’s Paradiso (kindly being invited by the members of Sunn o)))) and september 24th at the 162 , Hekelgem
2006 Midgaars announces the launch of Old Grey Hair Records and releases a European cd and LP version of ‘Heilige Dwazen’ and ‘live in Amsterdam’ , a full rendition of the Paradiso show.
2007 OGH releases ‘de ware hond’, an experimental freeform album recorded entirely live, partly in a cabin in the Ardennes, partly on analogue equipment. Live shows are played on march 3rd at the K-RAA-K3 festival at KC België, Hasselt (featuring guest vocalists Massakre and Slosse) and Nordhausen’s Festhalle (Ger) on april 28th . Setbacks follow, as both h. and Stain leave the band, Lugubrum is forced to leave their HQ and the remaining members Barditus, Midgaars and Svein fall under a mysterious and serious spell of illness. Only partly recovered, a new temple is built from the ground up and Noctiz (ex Gotmoor, Paragon Impure,...) is recruted on bass and a live performance is given at the final Waking The Dead Festival at Arnhem’s Goudvishal on december 22nd.
2008 OGH releases the acclaimed ‘albino de Congo’, probably the best Black Metal album ever recorded in Congo, a definitive highlight in Lugubrum’s career, after which the band decide to take a well earned break. The album is presented at Paradox, Tilburg (NL) on may 28th, at JH Kadee, Bornem on july 18th and on a mini tour of Finland with Urfaust, september 5 (Tampere), 6 (Kouvola), and 7th (Helsinki).
2009 Lugubrum play at Sinister Howling Fest at Speyer (Ger) on september 19th. Those Opposed Records (France) releases the N.O.I.R. split LP, on which Lugubrum is featured with 3 live tracks.
2010 A new album, 'FACE LION FACE OIGNON', is recorded in an underground studio, built in an old wine cellar. The album concept is based on the French campaign in Syria in 1799.
Lugubrum play at De Lochtink ,Eeklo (B) with Urfaust and Alkerdeel on may 8th.
2011 Live shows are played at Le Pixi, Paris on february 19th, Iglerock, Valenciennes (Fr) on march 19th and Den Halm, Oppuurs (B) on may 28th .
'Face Lion Face Oignon' LP is released by Aphelion Productions (Scotland).
2012 'Face Lion Face Oignon' CD is released by Those Opposed Records.
2013 Lugubrum travel to Scotland for a wee tour! They play at The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen on May 10th and at Bannermans, Edinburgh on May 11th.
In june Aphelion Productions finally releases the classic '‚De Totem', on DLP
On october 26th Lugubrum play another live show, at Aurora Infernalis  Fest  V with Dodheimsgard a.o. at Luxor, Arnhem (Nl).
2014 Recordings take place for the 10th full length album, ‚'HERVAL'.
'Albino de Congo' LP is released by Aphelion Productions.
Barditus announces his retirement from Lugubrum!
The band will continue their exploration as a trio. Midgaars takes over the vocals on ‚Herval’.
2015 LUGUBRUM trio play '‚Herval' at Veneration of the Dead 3, Baroeg, Rotterdam on April 4th, at the sweaty Kinky Star in their hometown Ghent on june 28th and at Het Bos,  Antwerp on october 31st.
LUGUBRUM trio - ‚'Herval' LP is released by Aphelion Productions‚ along with '‚Live in Amsterdam' LP and ‚'Winterstones' LP  (20 years after it’s original release!)
Vàn Records (Ger) releases the Lugubrum / Urfaust - Het Aalschuim der Natie split 7”,  after an idea that was born on the Finland tour in 2008.
'‚Herval'  and '‚Winterstones' are released on CD by Those Opposed Records.
2016 No less than four live shows are played : Namur (with Heretic, Spermafrost and Pox) on feb 5th, Roadburn festival on april 16th, Vooruit Gent (with Sunn o)))), june 15th, Radiant Art Festival Liège (with a.o. Urfaust, Countess, The Spirit Cabinet ) on july 9th. David Chiaradia brews the first Lugubrum beer; VOOS, A strong, spicy tripel with a gentle touch of banana, a hint at the Belgium’s colonial past.
2017 In march, recordings for a new album ‚'Wakar Cartel’ take place at Boma Studio, Ghent. Aphelion Productions releases 'De Zuivering' LP.
Lugubrum trio play at Ieperfest, august 11-13th.
LUGUBRUM trio - WAKAR CARTEL is released on the last day of the year by Aphelion Productions (LP) and Those Opposed Records (CD).